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You know its getting close to Halloween when you start drawing skeletons.

For the last week we have been learning about anatomy in drawing class. We have been learning how to invision the skeleton inside the body and how the skeleton is where the initial shape comes from. First we started with … Continue reading

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The Slow but Noticeable Progress in my Drawing

The last few classes and open drawing sessions, we have been working on contours, still haven’t quite got it, and proportion, which after a rocky start of attempting to comprehend the notion of using my pencil as a measuring tool, … Continue reading

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The Feeling That Comes With A Good “WOO!”

The four days leading up to Wednesday were some of the most stressful of my life. I do not think I have ever been more scatterbrained and flustered. The reason for my all-over-the-place mental state was because Wednesday was the … Continue reading

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Drawings From Class The Next Day: I Started To Figure It Out

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My First: Gesture (misinterpreted), Contour, and Full Figure Drawings Ever!

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Open Drawing Adventure

Yesterday, September 10th, I¬†experienced¬†my first Open Drawing session at SACI. What open drawing means is figure drawing, meaning the students gather in a room and draw a live model who poses in the center of the room. I was prepared … Continue reading

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This should be an interesting semester, and I’ve only been to two classes!

Today was my first day of classes and I was up and out early. My first class, Early Renaissance Art History, began at eight-thirty this morning and I have to admit, I was pretty sleepy. Our professor, Helen, is one … Continue reading

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