Fire in the Florentine Sky

Yesterday I finally made it back up to San Miniato. This time I was there to photograph. I had planned shooting pre-sunset, sunset and post-sunset photos. However, Blair and Sofia had said that they wanted to come with me to watch too, so I had to wait for them and they were ready slightly later than I had hoped for. Sunset was at 6:58 and we found ourselves hustling up the hill at roughly 6:45. I was able to take some shots with the sun just setting over the horizon and then we stayed long after the sun had set completely and watched from Piazza Michelangelo as Florence began to light up in the night. Here are some of my favorites from last night:


About thehpubandana

I am currently a Junior in college at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina. However, this year I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy with the SACI school. I am a studio art major, with a passion for photography, skateboarding, and yelling Title Fight with my friends. CHUH!!
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