Open Drawing Adventure

Yesterday, September 10th, I experienced my first Open Drawing session at SACI. What open drawing means is figure drawing, meaning the students gather in a room and draw a live model who poses in the center of the room. I was prepared for what I was getting myself into because I knew that the model would be nude and given the fact that I have really never drawn anything before, I obviously have never drawn a nude model before so it was quite the experience. My attendance at all of these open drawing sessions is required for my drawing class so I better get used to it and fast. The sessions last for two hours, with the model changing poses after set time limits have elapsed. My assignment for drawing was to draw “gesture drawings” for 15 minutes, then draw “contour drawings” for 15 minutes and then to draw a full figure drawing with whatever materials I would like, and then to bring everything to class on tuesday, today. That being said and given my drawing knowledge, before I could do any of that, I had to learn what a gesture drawing was and what a contour drawing was. I read my “The Natural Way of Drawing” book and developed what I thought was a pretty good idea of how to do each and then I went off to open drawing anxious to give it my first attempt. The session was packed and there were students spread all over the place, working on easels, sitting on the floor drawing, or casually sketching in their sketchbooks. Over the next two hours, I gave each drawing my best effort and I was actually pretty happy with the way the final project came out considering it was my first shot at drawing anything before (pictures to come) and I left feeling much better than I had before I showed up.

Today we went over our open drawings in class and I soon realized that I had completely misinterpreted what a gesture drawing was but my professor, John, told me not to fret because that is what we would be learning in class today. He also complemented me on my full figure drawing saying that it was much better than my gestures. In class today we had another live model come in and pose for us so that we could practice. Before the model started posing we briefly went over a slideshow about gesture drawings and what they were so to help us as we prepared to draw our model, an thin, older woman with curly brown hair. This time we would not be doing any other sort of drawings except for gesture drawings in order to give us practice on what we just learned. After the model struck her first pose and I began the first of my second round of gesture drawings John walked around the room to check on everyones progress. He gave me some pointers when he came to me and it all seemed to become much clearer. Throughout class today I progressed immensely on my gesture drawing ability, even I could tell I was getting better as I became more comfortable drawing. We even drew with our left hand at one point and those gestures were actually some of my better ones. I hopefully will continue to get better as this semester progresses and I plan on having something at the culmination of the class that actually looks like a person and not a conglomerate mass of lines and dark smudges, which I hoped to look like shadows. I will post some pictures of my drawings, again when I figure out how to work this dastardly blogging thing, and then you all can laugh at me. I’ll keep you updated! Ciao!


About thehpubandana

I am currently a Junior in college at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina. However, this year I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy with the SACI school. I am a studio art major, with a passion for photography, skateboarding, and yelling Title Fight with my friends. CHUH!!
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