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The Slow but Noticeable Progress in my Drawing

The last few classes and open drawing sessions, we have been working on contours, still haven’t quite got it, and proportion, which after a rocky start of attempting to comprehend the notion of using my pencil as a measuring tool, … Continue reading

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The Feeling That Comes With A Good “WOO!”

The four days leading up to Wednesday were some of the most stressful of my life. I do not think I have ever been more scatterbrained and flustered. The reason for my all-over-the-place mental state was because Wednesday was the … Continue reading

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The Fantastic Four

After the completion of just two weeks, I have already been on four fantastic field trips with the all-knowledgeable Helen. Two have been required class trips, outside of the designated class time, for my Early Renaissance Art History class: Baptistery/San Miniato and Ravenna. One … Continue reading

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My First Three Creative Writing Pieces

These are my first pieces for my Creative Writing class. I presented the first two on Wednesday and both seemed to be well received  The third I will be presenting on monday because I wrote it yesterday afternoon. The first is a short … Continue reading

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My Other Two Firsts

I have now had all of my classes that I will be taking each semester at least once. As much as I enjoyed my Early Renaissance Art HIstory class with the lovely Helen, and my drawing foundations class with the … Continue reading

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Drawings From Class The Next Day: I Started To Figure It Out

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My First: Gesture (misinterpreted), Contour, and Full Figure Drawings Ever!

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